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SimpliCastings Earthworm Castings, 30 Lb

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We sell only the freshest earthworm castings! Our Earthworm castings are a great fertilizer for all plants! It is seen as a green eco friendly plant food for your garden. The castings are pH neutral and rich with beneficial microbes to help your plants grow. No matter how much you add, your plants will never "burn." They work great in indoor and outdoor gardens as well as lawns.
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Country of Manufacture:United States
UPC: 850015117008
Quantity: 1.001.00
Volume (cf): 0.8360.00
Dim Weight:
Weight: 30.002300.00
Length (in): 24.0048.00
Width (in): 15.0040.00
Height (in): 4.0054.00
SimpliGardening SimpliCastings Earthworm Castings, 30 Lb
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