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Rockwool 1.4" x 1.4" x 1.6" Starter Plug, 84 Cell Sheet (25 Sheets/Case)

Cultiwools’ high quality stone wool starter plugs are the best way to start your propagation. They provide the perfect microclimate for germination of seeds or fast root development of cuttings (clones), which is a decisive factor for a successful crop production. Cultiwool starter plugs are known for their uniformity and firmness, and are ideal for growing crops in a hydroponic system. Our high quality stone wool is a clean and inert product. Therefore, it provides a sterile environment and does not contain any harmful bacteria or pollutants which can affect root- and shoot development. It does not lock up or release any substances, ensuring all water and nutrients are available to the plant. Use the starter plugs for your start prior to transplanting into our larger growing blocks. Our starter plugs come in different dimensions and packaging units.
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Cultiwool Part #:BAB-CRB36/40-AO-CBP
Country of Manufacture:Poland
Quantity: 1.001.00
Volume (cf): 4.744.74
Dim Weight:
Weight: 20.0020.00
Length (in): 21.0021.00
Width (in): 30.0030.00
Height (in): 13.0013.00
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