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Hygeia Hydration, Quart

Hygeia’s Hydration is our blending tool for the Nectar for the Gods line of nutrients. Rich in saponins, Yucca acts as a wetting agent to aid in root penetration for maximum nutrient uptake. Hygeia’s Hydration can be used for those pesky soils that dry out and will not rehydrate with regular watering. You can also use Hygeia’s Hydration as a wetting agent for foliar feeding nutrients, pest control, and fungal sprays. Because of the high saponin levels, this product is not recommended for heavily aerated reservoirs due to the foaming that will occur.
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Manufacturer:Nectar For the Gods
Nectar For the Gods Part #:NGHY1001
Country of Manufacture:United States
UPC: 812863010481
Quantity: 1.001.00
Volume (cf): 0.060.87
Dim Weight:
Weight: 2.5030.00
Length (in): 3.6014.70
Width (in): 3.6011.40
Height (in): 8.309.00
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